Java EE is one of the popular technologies known to have everything for the implementation of secure, portable, high-load enterprise solutions. As in the .NET technology, it is of course not only about Java programming language itself. The development with Java EE involves many frameworks and libraries such as Spring, JSF, Hibernate, GWT etc. At GRSE, we have our solid experience of working in most of the JEE technology bricks and we always keep our expertise up to the mark with most recent and powerful developments of Java Stack. Our Java team always keeps abreast of modern front-end technologies including the Angular and React JavaScript frameworks. This lets us use a strong combination of JEE as back-end development platform with flexible front-end JavaScript platforms.

Spring, EJB, Hibernate, Seam, JSF, Struts2, GWT, Oracle WebLogic, JBoss, IBM WebSphere, Glassfish