The GRSE .NET group has developed a number of systems from the ground up and also supported customers who port their existing applications to the .NET platform. It has the history of more than 15 years and has released many nice and powerful features during its life. The .NET Framework today is a multi-language, application execution environment that transparently manages core infrastructure services. Its functional expansibility rely on a healthy package ecosystem built on the .NET standards and supported by Microsoft and others. Our engineers, with no less than 5 years of experience, have regular trainings in the latest Microsoft technologies. The projects we have implemented with .NET are ranging from stand-alone desktop applications to large enterprise distributed solutions with RESTful services running on cloud platform and having JavaScript front-ends with responsive and nice-looking user interfaces.

C#, ASP.NET, SOA, Entity Framework, .NET Core, WPF, WCF, WWF, AJAX, WinForms, XML/XSLT, jQuery, WSS, MOSS, MSMQ, Silverlight, REST/JSON, ESB