Remote commissioning in the pandemic

Remote commissioning in the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has made a significant impact on the relocation of people around the world. Many countries closed their borders for the entry, while numerous companies were actively developing projects in the territories of other states. As a result, the companies had to freeze their current work, and the employees had to return home. In the main, only those who had local teams were able to continue working. However, the local specialists were not always able to cover the whole scope of work, because certain tasks required other professional skills.

Against this background, the Hands Free Wearable Computing technology by RealWear came to the aid.

Helmet for remote commissioning

Two people are required to apply this technology: the owner of the technology and a specialist on site, as well as a stable high-speed Internet connection to provide for the interaction.

The suggested solution allows you to manage equipment installation and perform the commissioning of systems online and remotely.

Among possible constraints, one can single out a lack of fast Internet, which affects the quality of images transferred in both directions. Therefore, if the object is located far from the city, with no cell towers nearby, you will need to consider other solutions.

In the pandemic, business transaction rules have changed dramatically. The constraints introduced have significantly accelerated digitization, spurred the turn towards online mode of operation, and, consequently, the development and debugging of such technologies. At the same time, the quality of commissioning works performed remotely is not less than of those performed by specialists on site. The use of such technologies is likely to persist even when the restrictions are getting more relaxed. It will continue to be a common practice, improving the enterprises’ operational efficiency.


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